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What is it?

Sharp AutoUpdater provides an auto-update feature for .NET applications. Using XML configuration files, Sharp AutoUpdater component detects if there is a new version of the software, downloads, unzips, and installs the new files.

How the Sharp AutoUpdater component works:

There are two main parts of the AutoUpdater component:

  1. AutoUpdateStarter:
    This is the executable which is in charge of starting your main application, and then moving the new files to the correct location after an update. It also will restart the main application when requested.
  2. AutoUpdater:
    This is the main updater component, include this component in your main application, enter the necessary information for the component, and when you would like to check for updates, call TryUpdate(); on the updater component. This component checks to see if a new version is available, downloads it if necessary and then restarts the app if requested.

Additional Notes:

  • To see an example of how to use this C# AutoUpdater Component, view the UpdaterTest project and the files inside the Example directory.